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Training with the SKILLS stick is first of all Fun & Challenging, the base to become a skilful player is to have fun in your sport, training hours automatically follow when you always have fun during your training.

The SKILLS stick will improve your creativeness and the ability to improvise. Need not to say that your brain really starts working and starts ‘re-thinking’ about all kind of hockey skills as like being a novice at it. You can call it ‘brain training’ : activating both sides of your brain, stimulating these sides to switch information more rapidly and in different ways. You will become more likely to adapt faster to new situations in your game; every ball you play is complete unique, every time again. With the SKILLS stick you will stimulate the adaptiveness as a player.
From young to older: a great trainings tool, as kids have great playfulness and creativity: try to keep this alive when growing up – try to keep creativity in your hockey game!

Available in Senior 36.5" and Junior size 34"

For more information and special bulk prices for clubs email
Please note this is a training aid and is not approved by FIH to be used in matches

TGI Skills Left Handed stick


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