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Need help choosing a hockey stick?

Which stick should I choose?

Does the composition of my stick affect my game? That is a question we often hear from customers. The answer is yes! At first glance, all hockey sticks look alike, but the composition can differ greatly because various materials are used. The shape of sticks also varies.

Our team at TGI is happy to help you choose the stick that suits your style of play. We enjoy hockey ourselves, so we know exactly what you will encounter when making a choice. 

Which stick length should i choose?

The two main points to look out for when
measuring the correct stick length for youth players are;

  1. That it never protrudes above the navel.

  2. That it never goes below the hip bone.

hockeystick length.jpg
hockey stick

What does the carbon percentage mean?
The carbon percentage also plays an important role when choosing a hockey stick. The carbon percentage determines the stiffness of the stick. As the percentage increases, the stiffness feeling of a stick also increases

To simplify this, we divide the sticks into 3 groups, based on carbon percentage, namely:
10% - 30% (Flexible Sticks)
In the first group we scale the sticks from 10 to 30% carbon, these sticks are very accessible for hockey players who are just starting out with hockey or are ready for their first adult stick. One can think of teams from the D/C line. Due to a relatively low percentage of carbon, the player has a lot of control and has to work harder to get the ball moving, which is very beneficial for the development of the technique.

​​30% - 70% (All round sticks)
The second group approaches the largest group of hockey players, with sticks suitable for almost every hockey player. We often see that young technical hockey players often choose a stick from this category, because there is always a stick that matches the playing style. In addition, the average senior hockey player (star) will also be able to handle a stick from this group.

70% - 100% (Stiff sticks)

In the third group we find sticks that are often used by the selection players in both the senior teams and the latest youth teams. These sticks are very stiff and give a lot of power. This allows more speed to be created when passing and shooting the ball. The higher carbon percentage also ensures that there is a high ball feeling, so that the player can feel exactly what the ball is doing.

Carbon Indicator 5Dots.png
Carbon Indicator 3Dots.png
Carbon Indicator 2Dots.png
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